Calvin Roldan

Owner - Lead Designer - Vintage Enthusiast

My love for fashion started 11 years ago

while working as a model in the men's fashion industry. After "getting my feet wet" I was quickly signed to a modeling agency and there built a large portfolio. During my tenure with the agency I was very fortunate to have been published in 3 fashion magazines. Two of the magazines were based in the United States and the other in Japan. Other accolades include walking in several premier Chicago based shows such as Latino Fashion Week,  Next Fashion Chicago, and other runway shows for high-end designers.


My passion and love for vintage clothing developed when I transitioned from the modeling industry into the world of men's custom clothing. As time went on I began to explore and study vintage fashion which quickly proved to me that companies of the "golden era" put quality and craftsmanship above all else. Today, I have recreated styles and the quality of garments made 70, 80, even 90 years ago. I firmly believe that vintage styles are not only timeless, but can be worn with confidence and panache in the "modern" world. 


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